Food & Drinks

Restaurants & bars in Las Caletillas

On the boulevard of Las Caletillas you basically have to try hard to find bad food. The nice thing is that you can usually choose between a half or a whole portion. Experience shows that half is already quite a lot. We have put our favourites below:

  • La Cofradia de Caletillas: Av. Maritima, 31, las Caletillas, Candelaria.

By far our favourite restaurant in Las Caletillas! Very fresh and pure seafood dishes. Do not forget to order vinto tinto del pais (local, cooled red wine). It is not easy to get a table on Sundays since all local families will also join.

Mar y Magma’s older brother. A slightly higher segment. Subtle Canarian food and great wines. If you like strong cheese.…, order the batata con salsa de almogrote.

  • Mar Y Magma: Maritima, 31, local 9 en 10, Las Caletillas, Candelaria.

Recently opened. A bit higher segment, but very worthwhile. We are fan of the verduras a la plancha (grilled vegetables).

  • Tasca Aqui Y Ahora: Maritima, 57, las Caletillas, Candelaria.

Just a bit different and very friendly staff.

  • Creperia La Bohême d’Emilie: Maritima, 33, las Caletillas, Candelaria.

Salads and crepes…, that is what they do and they do it WELL!! A perfect place to have lunch. Please share because their portions are big.

They offer all kind of freshly squeezed juices, sweets and sandwiches. Not unimportantly…, their coffee is divine.

  • Churreria El Kiosko: de la Constitución, Candelaria.

The very…, very best churros con chocolate!

Bars in Las Caletillas:

  • Table No 7: Maritima, Las Caletillas, Candelaria.

The lighting is not very romantic cocktails are highly recommended!

  • Jimmy Food: Maritima, Las Caletillas, Candelaria.

Special beers with a good selection of snacks. If the ceviche is on the menu (not always the case) … take it!

Restaurants in Puertito de Güímar

There are not many restaurants in this fishing village, but some of them are really good!

  • Restaurante Chef Padilla: Calle Almte. GRAVINA, 10, Puertito de Güímar.

They have a fresh fish on the menu almost daily and the ensalada de Cogollos (little gem filled with tomato, garlic, tuna and anchovies) is very tasty!

  • Terazza La Palmera: Calle Neptuno 8, Puertito de Güímar.

Along the boulevard, just in front of the parking lot. Ana and Fran run it together. She cooks deliciously and he is busy running the terrace. They are special people. If Ana has made ‘Garbanzas’ (chickpeas sometimes with cod sometimes with chorizo) then we definitely recommend ordering them.

  • Restaurante Alex: Plaza las Indias, 1, Puertito de Güímar.

Slightly beyond the square, wonderful view over the sea. Take the camarons (‘peel them yourself’ pink shrimps) and / or the chopitos (fried baby squid).

  • Tasca La Randela: Plaza de las Indias 4, Puertito de Güímar.

Great tapas in the middle of Puertito square.

Other recommended restaurants on the island

Dat zijn er natuurlijk teveel om op te noemen, dus hebben we een selectie gemaakt:

Unexpected, wonderful place with fresh, delicious and very affordable food.

  • Mirador San Pedro, Camino de San Pedro, Los Realejos (North).

Also slightly higher segment, but definitely worth it.

It is a long, curvy trip to get there, but the kitchen and the view are unparalleled.

Really, really good food.

Also here everything is tasty. Very busy on Sunday.

A fish restaurant where you can chose your own fish from the counter and tell them how you would like it prepared. We love it!

  • Casa Pepe, Carretera General TF 61 | Km 3, Güímar.

Very nice place. All meat comes from a wood grill, so that smoky taste is unrivalled.

A very local ‘food shed’, extremely affordable and tasty.

Small and intimate, special dishes. Limited number of seats so booking is sensible (0034 922263280)!