The Island

Food & drinks

On the boulevard of Las Caletillas you basically have to try hard to find bad food. The nice thing is that you can usually choose between a half or a whole portion. Experience shows that half is already quite a lot. We listed our favoritues, curious? Read more


Culture lovers should focus on architecture in Tenerife. Looking for things that you must see? Read more

The finest beaches

Most beaches on Tenerife are lava beaches. Although it looks slightly more unattractive than those white-white strips in other parts of the world, it is still wonderful to stay when you know where to go.


There is really a lot to do in Tenerife! There are at least three things we think you should do during your stay in Tenerife, you find them here!


Shopping on the island can be in markets, in shopping malls and in the smaller streets of the larger cities, do you want to know where the shopping hot spots are? Read more